Boomerang: Tell Me Who You’re Loyal To

It’s been just under a year since the first season of Lena Waithe’s highly anticipated series Boomerang ended. The sequel series to the 1992 movie was a breath of fresh air and full of beautiful Black people, which is what audiences have been asking for. It even had a meticulously thought out plot and managed to build complex characters despite the episodes only being thirty minutes. I loved it. And I’m happy to say that the first episode of season two promises to give me more of what I loved about last season, plus a bit more.

S2 starts out with our favorite group of friends trying to plan a pregame before going back to their college for Homecoming. Usually, pregaming is easy. Now though, because of Bryson and Simone, the group has split into themselves trying to stay friends with them both. There are three group chats now, a chat without Simone, one with Bryson and then one without both of them. It’s exhausting for Crystal, Ari, Tia, and David. Yet they’re willing to put up with it for now, who knows how long that’ll last though.

Once the group actually gets to Homecoming, things get a little out of control. It’s clear that Bryson has turned himself into a hollow shell. All he does is drink and try to have as much sex with different women as possible. It’s sad, but no one has said anything to him about it. Leaving Bryson to stew in his misery even though most of the partying is his idea. Simone, on the other hand, is marinating in sadness and regret. It’s clear she does regret kissing her ex but Bryson’s attitude towards her forces her to put on a mask and do her best to pretend like she’s okay. Which leaves Crystal scrambling to stick by Simone’s side and help her have as much fun as they can. It is a party after all.

Meanwhile, the rest of the friends do their best to make their own fun at Homecoming. With Bryson and Simone’s awkwardness, no one really wants the whole group to be together in the same space. So, Tia basks in the attention of her groupies, Ari finds a group of like-minded folks to have a foursome with and David meets a pastor who is much more relaxed than he could ever be. It’s a new year for this group of friends, they’ve gotta do what they gotta do.

Of course, because nothing is ever as it seems, it’s not all black and white with Simone and Bryson. It can’t be. Bryson isn’t coping and Simone is probably over coping. This situation isn’t going anywhere and it promises to do nothing but get even more complicated.

Last year, I praised Boomerang until I was blue in the face. Until my friends were annoyed whenever they had to hear about it. And I’m fully prepared to do it again. Much like it’s timeslot sister Twenties, Boomerang is incredibly relatable. This group of friends is like so many peers of my own. The drama, the stress, the immense pressure to make something of yourself and the feeling of just trying to live day by day all resonate with me. While I’m not a fan of Bryson and Simone as a couple, watching their friendship crumble to pieces is heartbreaking. Tia’s determination to make something of herself with her newfound internet fame is inspiring. One hope I do have for this season is that we get more Ari. The bisexual friend is without a doubt the shows most interesting character and I’m hoping we learn a lot about him this season. Also, I wasn’t a fan of Crystal in general last season and in one episode my mind has been completely changed. She may be the mom friend of the group but the confidence she showed during Homecoming was a nice change to see. I want more of that Crystal.

All in all, I’m very excited and happy that Boomerang is back. I’m geeked to see where life and uncontrollable situations take this group of friends.

Boomerang airs every Wednesday at 10:30pm


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