Boomerang: Praise Him

Sometimes, friendships can be weird. There can be tension, fights, arguments and tears. They can turn sour and a person can be forever hurt at the loss of a friend. However they can also be beautiful. Friendships are bonds that can stand the testament of time, give love when there seems to be no love to be found and spread joy from a place within. In the newest episode, we spent quality time with our Boomerang boys and took a closer look at their friendship. David hadn’t been heard from in a while and being the good friends that they are, Bryson and Ari proceed to go check on him. Whatever has got David down, they can be there to support him through it. As best they can.

Turns out, the reason David hasn’t been heard from is because he’s been spending time with Elaine. And they slept together. Which has David in a rut and spiraling into a deep depressive episode. From his point of view, he’s broken his promise to God. He’s a pastor that doesn’t practice what he preaches, and that’s kind of the worse thing to be. Ari and Bryson on the other hand, don’t see it that way. Bryson is sympathetic, his friend is upset. The proof being in the fact David’s house is an absolute mess, David himself hasn’t showered since he and Elaine had sex. While Ari is happy that his friend finally got some, he firmly believes that you should be able to worship God and have your own fun at the same time. Regardless of their different viewpoints, Ari and Bryson decide to help David clean up his house and talk him through his issues.

As much as they try to help and comfort their friend, Bryson and Ari continue to clash. On the surface they argue over little things like Ari’s seemingly insensitive nature to what David’s going through. But when David goes to wash up, because he stinks, the argument falls back to what it’s always about. Bryson refuses to give Ari any type of help when it comes to his filmmaking. Bryson believes Ari hasn’t worked hard enough for him to stick his neck out for him. Meanwhile Ari argues that because he has no money to pay for experience, he can’t perfect his work when no one will give him work in the first place. The argument is starting to become so tense that it looks like their friendship might be on the line. And David, being the person that he is, does his best to intervene and help. All the while still freaking out over what to do about Elaine.

Each week we learn a little bit more about our characters and watch them go through deep character development in only thirty minutes. Last night was no different.

As someone who isn’t religious, I’m always a little weary of obviously religious characters in the content I consume. Perhaps because I don’t have a set faith, I find those that do have one to be a little overbearing in the way they discuss it and can bring it into any conversation. And although David does find ways to loop everything back around to God and his faith, I found his character centric episode to be a really good one. David is a modern pastor, he preaches the word a lot but it’s his viewpoints on LGBT rights and the way he urges his friends talk about their feelings that makes him such a great character. Despite going through a rough time, David sees the tension between Ari and Bryson. And he gives them a chance to talk about it separately, while giving them sound advice and setting them straight when they’re being ridiculous. He’s truly a good friend.

The best part of the episode, however, may have been the moment when David is finally at his wits end Bryson and Ari are there for him. They don’t quite understand his need to speak in tongues and pray exclusively but they support him while he does it. Which is sometimes the best thing a friend can provide.

I personally love the way these three very different Black men are able to maintain a friendship while staying true themselves. One of the shows tag lines that drew me in at the beginning was: “There’s not just one way to be Black”. And each week, every time a character gets a chance to grow; the statement is proven. Black people are vast and different, we may have the same skin tone in varying shades but we are all different. Those differences deserve to be shown on screen.

I was taken aback how much I relate to these characters in the first episode, and still we’re all the way to the 8th episode and sometimes I’m still shocked by the things they say and they way they resonate in my chest. I especially relate to Ari’s filmmaking struggle and the way he clashes with Bryson. It’s hard to want to be something that requires you jump through Catch 22 type loop holes and not get tired. When you have a dream and are trying to chase it, the support of your friends is important.

We’re down to the last two episodes of Boomerang and I really don’t want this show to end. It’s made Tuesday the best day of the week for me.


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