Boomerang: Let The Church Say Amen

I wasn’t raised around religion and I’ve never been to church in my entire life. So, any time a movie I’m watching has a scene in a chapel or a show I’m into has a church episode, I find it absolutely fascinating. Last nights Boomerang took us to church and to the club all in thirty minutes. And I loved it.

While David preaches his Sunday Morning sermon, we flashback to the night before. Our group of friends went out to the club and David has a lot of thoughts about it. While Simone stews in her frustration at the DJ not playing Tia’s song, Bryson keeps a keen eye on her and tries to cover his tracks by pretending he’s interested in the many women around him. David sees right through it and whether intentionally or not drives the women around them away with his talk of God. Everyone’s drunk and socializing, no one wants to hear about God right now, David. Ari, on the other hand, is completely in his element and entertains a young woman with his charm for most of the episode. With his smile and voice, it’s a wonder the woman wasn’t Puddy in his hands immediately. The friends are spread throughout the parking lot but never venture very far from each other.

While Bryson and Simone grow closer, David finds interest in a new girl that doesn’t run for the hills the moment he mentions God. And Tia’s song is finally blasted out for everyone around to hear while she raps and dances along with it. The episode seems jam-packed but it actually is rather simple and gives a chance for deeper development of the characters. We’re given yet another look into the way these vastly different friends deal with the situations they find themselves in.

I really liked this episode. With only 30 minutes to tell a compelling mini story while still keeping sight of the big story, Boomerang continues to raise the bar each week. This show is about young Black people who are all just trying to live their best life. On paper, it might sound a little boring but on screen, it’s exactly what we need.

Life is hard, and it’s only getting harder but it’s so comforting to see Black people of all shades on my tv screen every week struggling just like I am. And having fun just like I am.

I don’t go to clubs anymore but I specifically remember that more often than not, the Let Out was where the real fun was to be had. Eating, drinking and socializing in the parking lot has almost become a tradition among Black people. The party might be in the club but the turn up is in the parking lot when it’s time to clear out. It’s for this reason that this episode of Boomerang might be my favorite so far. We spent the entire episode in only two places, church and the club parking lot. And even though the place of the scenes stayed the same, it didn’t hinder the story at all. I wasn’t bored of listening to David preach and I wasn’t ready for everyone to go home in the parking lot. I could watch these characters all night long if I’m being honest.

I hope BET is talking about renewal because Boomerang might just be the best thing they’ve put out in years.


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