Boomerang: House Parties and Deep Confessions

I’m back for another review of BET’s newest show! Each week this show raises the bar higher than it was the week before, despite its limited time to tell a compelling story. In its fourth episode, Boomerang takes us on the road for adventure that nearly everyone can relate to. And it just so happens to drop some deep insight for us along the way.

When Simone’s play cousin Tay-Tay calls her to ask if she can bail her out of jail, Simone jumps to help her. They may not be blood but we all have that one “cousin” we would do anything for, no matter what. Simone, however, doesn’t have a car and neither does Tia, it got repossessed. But Tia’s new girlfriend Rocky does and even though Rocky and Simone bump heads, they set out to pick up Crystal and go rescue Tay-Tay.

It’s a two-hour drive to where Tay-Tay is being held and the four personalities in the car clash relentlessly. From Simone’s sheltered knowledge of Black Movies and Rocky’s smugness about it to Crystal’s intense interest in Tia three week relationship with Rocky. It’s awkward at times and a little uncomfortable but the women make their way regardless. They’re on a mission.

Only to arrive and find that Tay-Tay isn’t there. She has already been bailed out by the reason she was there in the first place, a guy she fought in the street with. Furious, Simone is able to find out where they were headed and the gang sets out again. It’s starting to feel like they might be on a wild goose chase. Still, though, Tay-Tay is family and they’ve come this far.

Turns out, after checking her Instagram, Tay-Tay is now at a party that seems pretty lit. Simone wants to hurry inside, grab her cousin and leave. Crystal wants a cocktail. Tia and Rocky are just along for the ride and to see what happens. It makes for possibly the best dynamic we’ve seen yet.

Inside the party, it’s truly a vibe and the four quickly separate. Simone’s still on her mission to find and save her cousin while the other three have different ideas. Tia and Rocky are drawn into a game of Spades with two guys, that flows from heated to slow and back again. Crystal finds herself in the kitchen being entertained by a guy who sounds like he might just be a good thing for her. His name is Kunta and Crystal is prepared for the suckage of teeth she hears from Simone when she says his name. Declaring that he “smells like fresh laundry so it’s fine” and leaving it at that. In the end, Simone is outnumbered and the group stays to enjoy the party.

However, Simone’s attitude hasn’t just been about the fact she’s been chasing after her cousin. She also feels some type of way about the fact it’s been a year since Crystal and David got a divorce. Picking up on her sour attitude, Tay-Tay offers some words of advice along with a pre-rolled; giving Simone a different but much-needed perspective. And giving her the encouragement she needed to talk about it with Crystal.

Every week I feel like I’m repeating myself when I say Boomerang continues to get better and better. But it’s the truth. This week I watched the episode with my sister and she was just as intrigued as I have been. We laughed at the jokes, were drawn into the details and gave several head nods along with hums of agreeableness every time a character responded with a line we ourselves would have said.

The show brings everything it has to the table each week and the cast’s chemistry strengthens with each new episode. Last nights focus on the girls gave us a chance to look a little deeper into their characters and the relationships they have with each other. Crystal’s divorce from David might have been the biggest surprise of the episode. Especially since we’ve seen them interact in past episodes. The fact they had a relationship isn’t a surprise, but them having been married is. Even with the details of the marriage and the divorce unknown just yet, the writing on the show does an amazing job of balancing the amount of things we learn each episode.

Another standout from the episode is Tia’s new girlfriend Rocky. Who, even though is new, fits right in with the girls. She even at one point takes steps up as protector of the group. I like Rocky’s outspokenness and I’m really hopeful that we’ll be seeing a lot more of her.

If there’s one word I’d use to describe Boomerang, it would be: relatable. I enjoy this show so much because of the little details. Like Simone knowing to check Tay-Tay’s Instagram even though she wasn’t answering her phone. People my age usually respond faster on or can be found easier on social media. I’m very guilty of replying to someone on Twitter but leaving their text unopened in my phone’s inbox. I don’t know why but it was nice to see that on screen.

I also heavily relate to the quiet statement Boomerang makes every week: there’s not just one way to be Black. It’s shown in big ways, like Simone having very little knowledge of Black movies. Or the fact the card game Spades has different rules and regulations depending on who you play with. I can’t play Spades at all so to watch them argue over rules I don’t really get it fascinating and gives me perspective to how Simone felt earlier at the others smugness and disbelieve that she hadn’t seen certain movies.

Just like last week, I’m very excited to see where Boomerang takes us next. The show hasn’t disappointed me yet and if it keeps this steady pace it has, it won’t be disappointing me anytime soon.


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