Boomerang: Flashback Tuesday

Last night, Boomerang took us way back to the good old college days. And gave us a peek into what life was like for our favorite group of friends. It was definitely lit but it was also four years of trials, tribulations and heartbreak. College is an experience, no matter the school you go to but the experience is without a doubt enhanced when we’re surrounded by your own people.

Simone has always been extremely independent and confident in herself. It’s true in the present and it’s very true in the past. She’s ready to make her own way and she doesn’t need help from anybody. That doesn’t stop Bryson from trying though, his crush just as evident back then as it is now. He’s always ready to give Simone a different, and often more practical perspective. Honestly, it seems like Bryson has been Simone’s hype man from the beginning. Despite the fact she doesn’t look at him the way he wants her to.

The two dance around each other for the entirety of their college career, teetering on that delicate line that rest between two friends with sexual tension. Not to mention life around them seems to always get in the way as well. First because Bryson has a girlfriend, then because Simone thinks she wants to date a rapper and finally because the idea of being something more than what they’ve been scares Simone. It’s a situation they seem to be stuck in with no clue how to, or even a real want to, get out of. It works for them.

Another side of the college experience is exploring ones sexuality. It wouldn’t really be college if you didn’t try a few things out of your comfort zone, would it? Ari, who has a job working the door at a club, discovers just how true that is. One night while he checks ID’s Ari is flirted with by a laid back gay man who asks Ari how he knows he isn’t into guys if he’s never been with one. Curious, Ari ends up giving the guy and ride home and sharing his first male kiss with him. The beginning of Ari discovering his bisexuality.

Meanwhile Crystal and David are the image of a perfect couple. We don’t see much of them but it’s obvious they had a relatively good relationship when during a pregame in their Senior Year, David reveals that he plans to marry Crystal. Bryson congratulates him but Ari seems against it for some reason, telling David that a person can’t change overnight. Whatever the backstory is there, we know Ari’s words don’t have any affect on David. He and Crystal get married anyways.

Getting to see all four years of the groups college experience was very pleasing. Seeing the growth in the characters literally and knowing that they still have even more growing to do was amazing to witness. It’s not often the Black College Experience gets to be shown in its full greatness. Boomerang manages to get as close as possible in only thirty minutes. And it doesn’t show the experience on a surface level only, some of the key scenes were almost like they’d been taken from my friends and I college lives moment for moment.

The thing I loved most about this episode was Ari’s background story and the way it was handled. Any sexuality other than straight is a sensitive subject in the Black Community. Being gay or bisexual or trans or anything other than hereto is rarely if ever given time to shine when the character isn’t white. Boomerang is changing that. We get to see Ari’s first male kiss and it was honestly amazing to see him react in a non violent way. It was absolutely warmed my heart that he was allowed to have that moment and it be nothing but sweet. Black bisexual men deserve it.

I say this every week but I do love Boomerang. The things it’s doing for television and the ways it’s changing how we see Black entertainment are inspiring to watch. I can only imagine the kind of barriers it would break if it’s given a second season.

I’m ready for that announcement to be made.


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