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Another Plug! Vi3ws 2018 – The Noir NerdZone

Another Plug! Vi3ws 2018

Another Plug! Vi3ws 2018

I already plugged this before but I have to plug it again. After having an absolute great time in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic with more than 80 young black professionals  this past May, the Vi3ws team has decided on Riveria Maya, Mexico for 2018.

Now the dates are July 5th to July 9th so I know some people will have to make some choices but I believe this trip is very worth it. The hotel we will be staying at is The Royalton ( The rate (check it out here includes ALL INCLUSIVE Luxury Accommodations, RT Transfers (airport to hotel), VI3WS Swag Items, the Kickoff Open Bar Party and access to 3 Exclusive VI3WS events. Registration is open now! So check out the site above and register before it’s too late!





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