Anime Spotlight: The Magi Series

Anime Spotlight:  The Magi Series

This week’s Spotlight is The Magi animated series. I had heard about the manga a few years back but never got around to reading it (at the time, I wasn’t into manga too much). I saw this series on Netflix while I was looking for something new to watch. The first anime in this series was “Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic”.  I watched the first few episodes and was hooked. It has some historical/fictional names you have heard before. The story follows a young boy named Aladdin who has been secluded from the world his whole life, venturing out into the world to learn more. He becomes friends with Alibaba and Morgiana along with the famous king Sinbad (I know you recognize these names). 

The anime is beautifully animated and the story-line is very intriguing and engaging. Seriously, it’ll make you watch one more episode every episode. Before I knew it I was half-way through the series in one sitting. And after you finish this one, you would want to immediately start the second series “Magi: The Kingdom of Magic” , which is direct continuation of the first season. The character growth is wonderful along with the lore that the world of Magi brings with it. Each season has around 25 episodes so you have plenty to watch and wonder about. And if your feeling even more entranced, start reading the manga as well. The manga continues the stories of Aladdin, Alibaba and Morgiana in greater detail. I’m still waiting on them to do a third season because I still have questions. Personally I believe the second season is better written than the first but the first season is still good. I wouldn’t recommend this anime to watch with your kids (depending on the age) at certain points because of the crude humor and sometimes very ominous overtones but still overall a great anime. 

Well that is all for this weeks Anime Spotlight. Next week’s will be an anime that literally has 1 episode out (currently as I write this) but it already has me hooked so be on the lookout! You guys have a great Thursday and as always, Nerd out!


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