Anime Spotlight: Gundam Build Divers

Hello Nerds! Spring time begins and it brings new anime along with it. I would like to apologize to those who are still having winter in their states (not really though *relaxes in 87 degree weather). Today’s spotlight is a simulcast that has recently started (literally last week) and personally one of my favorite anime series.


Gundam Build Divers is the next anime in the Gundam Build series. In case you haven’t seen the Gundam Build series, it’s a little more kid friendly. Instead of children and soldiers being enlisted into battles and a war they didn’t want, Gundam Build is about model Gundams kits battling each other. It’s only one episode out since this anime just started but I wanted to give it a shoutout because I’ve been waiting for a new Gundam series since IBO (Iron Blooded Orphans) ended.

Me watching the first episode.

Since this anime is more kid friendly than most of the other Gundam series, I’m hoping another series comes out later this year but I’ve heard nothing on that front. In the meantime, the Build series is a great series to watch with your children (or nieces, nephews, etc). It has has a decent story, decent character development (based on past titles in the series) and the battles look cool. It’s also kind of interesting to see your favorite Gundam mobile suits look different with this show’s focus on the hobby Gunpla. Unlike other in the series, the Gunpla battles are had in virtual reality instead of just watching the battles in 3D. This brings an interesting element to series because things can play out a lot differently but also reminds me of people getting stuck in a game (Sword Art Online to be exact). But I believe this will keep me interested for now and I’ll probably do a full series review at the end.


That’s all for today’s Spotlight. I made it short mainly because it’s literally one episode out right now but I will be watching all season. The first episode kind of hits you with a lot to digest so my rating for the series is still to be determined. Visually, it’s a typical Gundam series and matches the animation from the others in the series. The only con I have currently is that this series doesn’t seem to connect to the other two Build series which is kind of a let down but I’ll get over it. Gundam Build Divers will be coming out every week on Crunchyroll/VRV(not sure of the day). What do you think of this series? Tell me what you think in the comments! Until next time, Nerd out!

Look at me! I’m kid friendly!

Sidenote: I’ve been tinkering around with a logo and started an instagram page which will soon be linked to the Twitter page I have (that I need to get back to using). I will be posting those links as soon as the logo is finalized and I remember to actually include them in posts! I also may be selling some of the excess nerd items I have knowingly and unknowingly collected over the years. If that interests you, let me know! (Please, I have way too much clutter).

5 thoughts on “Anime Spotlight: Gundam Build Divers”

    1. I’ve seen and almost have every Gundam series on a hard drive. The series is pretty interesting and usually kind of heavy along with great mecha battles. I say start with Gundam Wing or 00

        1. Origin is good. It’s before the very first Gundam series which is cool they set it up like that. I’m going to do a whole timeline one day so be on the lookout for that!

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