5 Anime series you can watch again.

What really defines a good anime series? Is it a deep story-line? Interesting and colorful characters? For me it’s all of those along with replay-ability. Like some video games, I determine their value based on if I will watch them again and be okay with knowing what’s going to happen. Let me share my Top 5 anime series that I watch (have watched) more than once.

5. Code Geass


If you have seen my posts about my Top 10 anime series then you should know this was a given. Mechs…check. Teenage anti-hero….check. Geo-political struggle couple with great characters and character growth….double check. Code Geass isn’t for everyone but I highly suggest everyone take a chance and at least watch season 1. I’ve already watched it twice this year.

4. Gundam Wing


Okay these first two have themes. Mechs, young protagonists and political in some aspect. Gundam Wing was the first Gundam series I ever watched and it opened up my eyes. The attention to detail when it came to the mobile suits was amazing. It was as if you were seeing every part of the mobile suit as if it was a real part in the real world. The conflict that came with it was amazing as well. Solid story-line with interesting characters to keep you engaged. And the battles….oh the battles! Mobile Suit vs. Mobile Suit along with great dialogue. This is a smart anime for a teenager to start off watching, especially if they are unsure about what kind of anime to start watching.

3. Hunter X Hunter


Hunter X Hunter is a relatively recent anime but for me, it has a lot of staying power. From the surface, this is a children’s anime but it is FAR from it. The main character has childish aspirations, childish charm and is…well a child. But the situations him and his friends go through and endure are not for children. Hunter X Hunter doesn’t really have  “smart” story-lines. Instead, it has an overall story arc coupled with multiple stories within the overall arc. Basically, Gon (main character) is trying to find his dad and all the adventures in between help him get to that goal.

2. Cowboy Bebop


Now this….is a classic (BIG Krit voice). You know it, I know it. 26 episodes and they all felt like a story in each one. Cowboy Bebop also had/has one of the best soundtracks in anime. A fusion of jazz and Japanese pop brought each episode to life along with helping sell each story with its accompaniments. You can’t tell me Tank! didn’t get you hype when it came on Toonami at night. With only having 1 season, watching this over and over doesn’t take much time and it will be enjoyable each time.

1. Yu Yu Hakasho


The ultimate squad show. Seriously, name a better squad of fighters in an anime that was consistent…I’ll wait. In the meantime, YYH is just re-watchable from episode 1. You always want to know what’s going on next and if Kuwabara is going to his face punched in again. Solid character growth (even though Yusuke took awhile) along with wonderful fight scenes. I seriously watch this series at least twice a year….all four seasons of it.

Honorable mentions: Outlaw Star, Death Note, Log Horizon and Tenchi: War on Geminar.

What anime series have you watched more than once? Before the end of the year, I will be finishing Code Geass for the ump-teenth time. Are there any anime series you plan on watching again in the new year? I happen to have all of these saved to an external hard drive somewhere so I know I will be watching a few next year. If you have any suggestions of some series I left out, please leave them in the comments. Until next time, Nerd out nerds!

Sidenote: Me and the Squad Next Door had a “Guess that Anime” battle where you had to identify an anime series based on a few seconds of the theme song. It was epic and we will be doing a game show post along with it soon.

6 thoughts on “5 Anime series you can watch again.”

  1. From the animes you posted I only saw 2 of them: code geass which one of my all time favorites and hunter x hunter xD but I don’t think I would see any of them again. Code geass because I felt in love with the intelligence of the character/story, knowing what it’s going to happen blows a little xD hunter x hunter because of the ant arc… It was a little boring for me xP but nice picks though

  2. I agree with the ones I’ve watched for sure (Code Geass, Death Note, Cowboy Bebop, and Log Horizon). I’m sure the other ones are excellent as well. Cool idea for a list.

  3. Interesting how you mention Hunter X Hunter. I watched the original 1999 version a long time ago before anyone paid attention to it. It’s fascinating how popular it’s become after it was remade.

    1. I was just reading your review on that lol. I had read the manga randomly back in middle school but couldn’t find another book so I didn’t see it again until the remake.

      1. I see. Hahaha! Thanks for checking out that pilot OVA review. I didn’t know there was anything HXH related before the original series until I stumbled upon that OVA. That’s a bummer how they didn’t have the other manga for you back then.

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