30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 8

Best Soundtrack

Hello Blerders and Nerders! A week has gone by and I’m still at it! I’m very proud of myself (you don’t have to be haha). I hope you have been enjoying our posts! Today is about a game you think has the best soundtrack. When I started looking at the challenge before writing, I saw this one and immediately started to listen to soundtracks that I have collected over the years. It took me a week of listening while in my car, at work and during workouts to find the soundtrack that I believe was one of the best. I say one of the best because I know there is better but this particular soundtrack I can listen to daily and not even realize it.

Final Fantasy 13 Soundtrack


You didn’t have to like Final Fantasy 13 to enjoy this soundtrack. The music of FF13 are woven seamlessly throughout the game where every song is meant for that particular part. Final Fantasy games have a great trend of having wonderful music to coincide with their beautiful game-play and animation. But this one in particular stood out. Watching cut-scenes while the music dictates the action or while fighting Adamantoise (I still hate them) on Gran Pulse. Most of the tracks are soft, driving melodies that kind of keeps you immersed in the game-world. This is one soundtrack that I listen to more often than other FF series soundtracks and I do not regret it in the least. If you haven’t played FF13, I suggest you give it a chance. The story is pretty cool but the cinematic feel it has is A+.

What is your favorite video game soundtrack? It’s okay to have more than one. Let me know in the comments! Take a listen to one of my favorite selections before you leave! Until next time, Nerd Out!


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