30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 6

Most Annoying Character

Hello Blerders and Nerders! I hope you are enjoying following along with my 30 day challenge so far. I’ve been enjoying the comments and looking forward to more. Today we look at a character I find to be one of the most annoying.

Raiden: from Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

metal-gear-solid-2-raiden1.jpg Let me start off by saying that I am fan of the Metal Gear series. A huge fan. I’ve played almost every Metal Gear game except the more recent one. Raiden got on my nerves. After playing the first Metal Gear Solid on PS1, we expected more of Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid 2. At the beginning of the game, we got a taste of an even more seasoned Snake along with better graphics. But no, we were treated to Raiden being a whiney boy in a grown mans wetsuit that happened to have a gun.

Otakon the Pirate, Snake and a whiny brat

I won’t say he was a terrible character but he was annoying to me because he was a character I wasn’t expecting to play as. He is a huge contrast from the gritty, stealthy and deadly methods of Solid Snake. There were a lot of instances playing MGS2: Sons of Liberty where I would of preferred Snake over Raiden. If you have played this game, you might say Otakon was the more annoying character, to which I would kind of agree. The difference is that Raiden was “trained” to be a killer while Otakon acted like anyone would with no proper military training and Otakon still turned out cooler in this game (imo).

There are plenty of games that have annoying characters but growing up and playing MGS2 and my disdain for him is still fresh, makes Raiden one of the most annoying characters I have come across. Who are some of the annoying video game characters you have come across? Tell me about it in the comments! I hope you are enjoying my challenge! Don’t worry, I will get back to regularly scheduled posts soon! I’m trying to stay ahead of this challenge as well as finishing up other posts so bear with me. Until next time, Nerd Out!

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7 thoughts on “30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 6”

  1. That guy was annoying in the MGS series. I definitely agree with that pick.

    One character that annoys me more so when I got older and more conscious is Birdie from the Street Fighter series.

      1. Hahaha! Now you know!

        Regardless of how he looked in the Alpha series or in SFV with the obvious weight gain, I saw right through the facade. Birdie was just another addition to the whole Black thug portfolio with how he was presented (his British accent changes nothing about this) and how he was intentionally made to be disgusting.

        1. Now that you mention it, I did notice that but didn’t think too much into it after it. I just never wanted to add him to my lineup so I avoided him.

          1. That’s fine. Granted, I don’t hate Street Fighter and there are characters I do like, but Birdie is loaded with unfortunate implications. Racial stereotypes just bother me when they do that in video games, movies, TV, etc. At least I can create my own characters with all my fiction projects. Hahaha!

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