30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 4

4. Your Guilty pleasure game.

Welcome back Blerders and Nerders! It’s Day 4 and today is an interesting one. Guilty pleasure would imply one gets great pleasure from the activity especially because it is not apart their usual routine/activity, etc. My guilty pleasure game would be the Dynasty Warriors series. DW is your typical beat’em up style video games. In fact, it is one the most well known beat’em up game series. The game is loosely based off of the story of the Chinese story ,”Romance of the Three Kingdoms”. I am not sure if the stories are true but who is really playing DW for the story (well after 1 or 2)?

She just wanted them to smell her hair

Dynasty Warriors has the same essential story yet somehow finds ways to add new characters and attacks. Its not one of those games that you play for a in depth storyline and character growth. After 9 games, the main feature that gets better is the graphics. But there is something extremely satisfying about fighting hundreds of foot soldiers with a variety of weapons. Also, fighting as Lu Bu is probably the most overpowering and fun aspect of Dynasty Warriors. All in all, I’m not playing DW to solve puzzles or watch the character development. I play it to let off steam and just fight without much challenge.

“Who took my EGG ROLLS!?”

That is all for today’s challenge. Do you have a guilty pleasure game? If so, what is it? Let me know in the comments! Be sure to keep following along my 30 Day challenge! Also check out @thatcartoonist ‘s youtube for his challenge! Check that here!

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