30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 10

Best Game-play

Welcome back Blerders and Nerders! We are 10 days in to the 30 Day Video Game Challenge and I hope you enjoying it! I know the challenge is all that has been posting but I promise others are coming! Today’s subject is extremely hard to pinpoint. Out of all of the games one has played, how do you really determine which had the best game play? Especially with the games you’ve had fun with and replay every once in a while. I asked for some assistance in determining exactly what game-play is:
“Which means game-play is a pretty broad concept, the way the game plays takes accessibility, difficulty, replay value all that into consideration” Excerpt from The Well-Red Mage.

With that in mind…I have two games in mind that would fit this description but I’m going to describe one.

Assassin’s Creed II


One of my FAVORITE games of all time. Great story, beautiful cut-scenes and history galore. Building off of what the original gave to us and expanding it to a point where you became immersed in the story and characters, Assassin’s Creed 2 became an instant classic. It is perfect experienced and inexperienced players to play. The controls are a step up and a bit more fluid than the first game. It’s open world like the first but the parkour is a lot smoother than the first. As you play/follow along as the protagonist of this game, you are able to watch the evolution of a character seamlessly. The fighting mechanics aren’t clunky or hard to learn. They are smooth and a wonder to look at, especially on the PS3. Being able to fight multiple enemies while not breaking your moves/chain was fun and useful.

giphy (7).gif
Making my way downtown…walking casually…

I didn’t want to a full review of AC II because that’s not what this is but now I’m thinking of writing one later. When it comes to replay-ability, I believe AC II has moderate value in this area. There is a lot for you to do that deviates from the main mission and a LOT of history to discover that you most likely won’t get through on your first play-through. I replayed the game around 4 times, looking for new areas or little pieces of history. The game-play for AC II was perfect for it’s time and this particular game. Is it perfect? No, but you get your money’s worth while learning a little something at the same time.

What game do you think has the best game-play? It doesn’t have to be just one game. The notion of game-play is very broad so your best game-play will definitely not be like mine. Tell me in the comments what you think!

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