30-day Video Game Challenge: Day 1

Day 1: Your very first video game

Now I don’t really remember my very first game. Let me correct that…I don’t remember the first game I saw. It could of been anything on Sega or Nintendo. The first video game I was able to play was “Zombies Ate My Neighbors” for the SNES. Initially, I was the person that remember the passwords to levels for my uncle and his friends but eventually it turned into allowing me to play (it kept me quiet). They would move on and play Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter, which I wasn’t allowed to play yet so “Zombies At My Neighbors” was my first real exposure to playing video games.


The game is self-explanatory.  Zombies ate your neighbors and your objective is to save the neighbors that haven’t been eaten while fending off zombies and other classic monster movie characters. Was it the best game at the time? No…no it wasn’t. But for an 7-8 year old playing a game on a game system for the first time, it was the world to me.  This opened me up to Super Mario World, Mario Kart and the rest is history (I’m a gamer if you didn’t catch it lol).


Told you these would be short posts. What was your first video game? Do you remember? Tell us what game ans why in the comments! See you guys tomorrow! Until next time, Nerd Out!

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7 thoughts on “30-day Video Game Challenge: Day 1”

      1. Very nice. I do remember that game being tough. It’s been a while since I’ve played video games although my sister did give me a portable Genesis console for Christmas. I wanted to play it more often, but work and other things popped up.

        1. I’m trying to make more time for my gaming. Starting a Twitch and YouTube channel for it. I just have to schedule it so it doesn’t disrupt my blog writing and work of course

          1. That’s good. I know what you mean about scheduling things. It’s part of the reason why I’m taking a brief hiatus from most of my blogs since I have to deal with some life stuff and work at the moment. Nothing too major, but enough to interrupt my normal blogging schedule.

  1. My bro had a SNES so I think my first games played were classics like Donkey Kong, Zelda, Super Mario bros, etc… But my real love for gaming came with the PS1. Taking gaming from 2D a more 3D rounded environment/character structure was incredible at the time.

    PS1 (and the other consoles at this time) took sports games to the next level with EA sports (in their prime) finally hitting their stride until laziness struck after 2004/2005 (Greatest Madden games ever).

    And first person shooters took off as well with Medal of Honor amongst others.

    So for me, PS1 era was when I really got into everything.

    1. I agree. I def didn’t get into gaming for real until the PS1 era. I went back to play classic games but PS1 was where I got my mad skills now haha.

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