25 Days of Anime

Happy December Blerders and Nerders! The year is almost over (already?) and Christmas is right around the corner. To help celebrate, we decided to do a 25 days of Anime! Essentially it’s “every day” challenge but it will be between myself, @sineaterdanyi and @thatcartoonist. We all won’t post every day but something will be put out on every day for the challenge. I know I’m late in posting this and the first day will be will be late as well but we shall catch up. @thatcartoonist will most likely be doing the whole challenge on his YouTube channel (found here), and posting to the blog when no one else has posted.

If you would like to participate, take a look at the list below and post your reply in the comment section or on our Twitter page which is found here! Hope you join in! Until next time!, Nerd out!

25 Days of Anime:


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