25 Days of anime turns to 12…. :-(

Hello Blerders and Nerders! Things have finally calmed down with work (though I am still working-_-) so I decided to look back at what I had to finish writing. And it turned out to be more than I expected. Since my scheduled posts didn’t actually post, it put me well behind the challenge I had started at the beginning of this month. So…I’m going to leave them where they are and change the title to “12 Days of Anime” instead. I know, I know, lazy writing but I won’t be able to give a full write up like I would want to because I’ll be racing against a clock. That’s something I do not want to do, so I apologize. I have some new stuff coming around Christmas and New Year’s so be on the lookout! I won’t leave you guys hanging like this ever again. Forgive me please! I will see you guys soon!


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