12 days of Anime: Day 9

Best Anime Villain

Hello all! So I definitely thought I scheduled this post to post yesterday afternoon but turns out it was in drafts and didn’t get anything else I had set up. But here we are now. Picking the “best” anime villain is kind of not fair. There are plenty of villains that are perfect for their respective anime series but not just “one” I can pinpoint as anime’s best villain. I do have a favorite however and sometimes he doesn’t seem like a villain throughout the series.

Light Yagami as some of you might know is the protagonist/antagonist of the show “Death Note”. If you haven’t seen Death Note, it’s on Crunchyroll and here is a short synopsis here. Now if you have watched this anime before, then you know at the beginning of the series, Light seems like an upstanding young man. Smart, driven and causes no problems. And on top of that, his father is a highly decorated cop. Now initially, he is seen as or at least portrayed as the protagonist of this story. Upstanding citizen with clear vision of what’s right or wrong. But as the series starts to go on, we see that Light is more of the villain than the hero.

This is a good guy right?


What I enjoy about Light being the villain is the fact that he is (by usual anime standards) supposed to be the good guy. He has this clear thought process on what good and bad is but that gets perverted as he continues to use the Death Note. It’s like he experiences a fall from his moral high ground while his intellect stays intact which makes all of his interactions that much more interesting. I know Light isn’t a regular villain like most anime series but he sure enough is a villain in my book.

Do you agree with my villain? Who is your favorite villain(s)? Let us know in the comments! And yes I know I’m super late with these next posts…work is work. But until next time…Nerd Out!


5 thoughts on “12 days of Anime: Day 9”

  1. Light Yagami is certainly a good choice with him being a villain protagonist.

    Some of my favorite anime villains would be as follows:

    Johan from Monster
    Kano from Texhnolyze
    Honi from Kurogane Communication

          1. Gotcha, but they deserve thanking. Hahaha! Okay, I’m a bit biased since I’m a fan of Yoshitoshi ABe’s works like Haibane Renmei being another one of my favorites.

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