12 Days of Anime: Day 8

Favorite Anime Couple

Hello Blerders and Nerders! I hope your weekend has started off well! Today’s subject is a little easier. I know there would be a few anime couples one could spout out but there is one couple that sticks out to me personally. For one it’s from an underrated anime and two, the two characters do not really get together…at least in the anime.

“You took the last mozzarella stick ya bum”

If you are unsure of what anime this is, it’s Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic. Both seasons are currently on Netflix (until they take them off of course). I won’t go into the full synopsis of the series but will go into a little about their relationship. Aladdin and Alibaba saved Morgiana from slavery and eventually start traveling with her. It’s evident early on that Morgiana has some type of feelings for Alibaba but cannot really articulate her feelings for him. I like this relationship (non-relationship?) because even though they don’t act on their feelings, it makes their friendship that much stronger.


With their strong feelings for each other, they unknowingly make each other better characters as well as the characters around them. The dynamic they have affects the group and its a beautiful thing. It actually makes me wish Netflix or whoever produces Magi to let us have season 3 (I really need this to happen).

What about you? Do you have a favorite anime couple? If so, let us know in the comments! If you want to check this anime out, like I said above, both seasons are on Netflix along with a prequel series called Sinbad (which they need a sequel). Until next time, Nerd out!










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