12 Days of Anime: Day 4

Favorite Female Anime character ever

Good evening Blerders and Nerders! I know it’s late so I apologize. Today’s (yesterday’s) subject is kind of hard for me to think of. There are so many female protagonists that I enjoy that it is hard to pick one favorite EVER. The one character I can think of that would be a female anime character I enjoyed a lot would be Saber from the Fate/Stay Night series.

Even though Saber is one of the main protagonists in most of the Fate/Stay series, the one represented in Fate/Stay Night was my favorite. I guess it’s also good to mention that she was the first iteration of Saber I watched so I could be biased a bit. Saber, or Artoria, better known as King Arthur is essentially one of the strongest Servants in the Fate/Stay series. She has high morals, reliable, strong and compassionate.


Saber compliments her Master very well when it comes to personality and thought process. I also relate to her wanting to do the right thing when it all comes down to it. As I said before, Saber is a main protagonist in most of the Fate/Stay series, but sometimes their personalities differ. For instance, in Fate/Apocrypha, there are two Sabers. The one I speak of is the Saber of Red, named Mordred. She is the “son” of Artoria from the Fate series I started off with. It’s an interesting and weird story which you can find here.

Who’s your favorite female anime character? Let us know in the comments! Tomorrow I won’t be as late, I promise. Until next time, Nerd Out!








One thought on “12 Days of Anime: Day 4”

  1. Interesting choice.

    I could think of a few female characters, but one that I liked was Reki from Haibane Renmei. Okay, I’m biased because that’s one of my favorite anime series, but she was so relatable and tragic of a character. She was creative and was the big sibling figure to a lot of the other characters, but she struggles with depression that she internalizes.

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