12 Days of Anime: Day 12

Saddest Anime Scene

Hello Blerders and Nerders! Yes, I did it again but you guys are used to that now right? I hope everyone’s week is going well! Today’s topic is Saddest Anime Scene…and I’m going to post one from my childhood. I’m going to take you back to 1998…if you know what I’m talking about then you can guess what scene I’m going to talk about. There is one scene in “Pokemon: The First Movie” that most kids at that time cried at. If you didn’t at least get a little choked up, are you really human?


Above was one of only videos of that particular scene that I could find that wasn’t a compilation with other scenes. If you haven’t watched the movie or that particular scene, let me paint a short picture for you. Mewtwo is battling Mew and Ash wants them to stop. The two powerful Pokemon fire blasts at each other but Ash jumps in the middle and is hit directly. He is turned into stone and hits the ground. Pikachu goes and tries to shock him back to life multiple times while tears are welling up in my eyes…I mean Pikachu’s eyes. The other Pokemon and their evil clones start to cry as well because it hurts to see a Pokemon who loves his partner tries his hardest to bring him back to life.

Now I know there are many sad anime scenes but this one was major for me. I was a Pokemon master at age 10 (thanks Nintendo) and Pokemon was more than likely my most watched program at that age. Seeing Ash die and Pikachu try his hardest to get him back but to no avail almost broke me as a kid. What about you? What is the saddest anime scene that you’ve witnessed? It very well may be the same as this mine which is okay…I know it was hard for a few of us.

So tell me about the saddest anime scene you have witnessed in the comments. Until next time…Nerd out!






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  1. Wow! I definitely remember that scene and I watched Mewtwo Strikes Back when it came out in theaters when I was a kid.

    Some of the saddest moments in anime that I’ve seen would be…[Spoilers minimized]

    -Grave of the Fireflies (THE WHOLE MOVIE!)
    -Sayuri’s coma and being trapped in multiple universes from The Place Promised In Our Early Days
    -One death scene from Toward the Terra much less the plight of the Mu in that movie
    -Kimba’s father Caesar (*cough* Original Mufasa *cough*) getting murdered in Kimba the White Lion and some of the death scenes in the sequel Jungle Emperor Leo (1997).
    -Reki’s backstory and self-infliction scenes in Haibane Renmei
    -One of Key’s friends dying in Key the Metal Idol
    -The ending to The Tale of the Princess Kaguya

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